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It was a week before christmas and I was at Grandmas house helping her put up christmas deccorations. We wer alone because Mum and Cindy were home doing the same thing and Ghina was with them helping Mum.


Gran said I have my oldest sister comming to stay for the week end and I want you to do the careing for her while Ghina is not here and I am bussy.


Gran said , now harris Marge is 88 and is senile, so you will have to help with dressing and bathing, but she is ok in everything else. Her memory is only 10 minutes or so, therefore you won't be having meaningful conversation s . I asked if she would object to me bathing her etc? Gran laughed no you can treat her how you like and she will go along with you. Harris I expect you to treat my sister with the utmost kindness and gentleness I know your are.


Gran wispered in my ear a bonus for you, as long as you are gentle, you can fuck her, she likes sex.



About an our later the door bell rang and a taxi driver was there helping Marge in with her luggage, I showed her into the guest room, which was self contained with it's own bathroom and toilet, just like a motel room. As we went into the room I said to her you have everything you need here, I showed her around.  She said I want to change for dinner, I showed her the bathroom and she sat on the toilet seat, with the lid down to take her shoes off. I stood next to her and she said lock the door please I am going to change and I don't want anybody to walk in. I did as she wanted and returned to her. As I did she said " You said I have everything I need? I said yes. She said it has been a while and I don't seem to see a cock anywhere? I said there is a clock next to you bed, she said Cock, not Clock. With that she jerked my pants down. There I stood in shorts in font of this 88 year old lady demanding cock. Well that got me hard and she grabbed it and went straight to work on a deep throat head job.










After a couple of minutes of this toothless head job, I thought if I stand here much longer I won't be able to do to her what I want to do, I will blow my wad here. So I suggested she turn around and put her hands on the toilet . Which she did, I quickly grabbed some baby oil from the night stand and rushed back and applied it to her dry pussy, I started working a couple of fingers in and she said don't play with it boy, drive the sausage home. I mounted her and started gently fucking and she started to moan, OH YES, it has been a long break between drinks.










I got her to move over to the bench and I continued to pick up the pace, she said that's it boy, but don't be so gentle, ram it home I want to feel that cock ramming so hard it tickles my tonsils, I thought I have never heard these sorts of words coming from an 88 year old great grandmother.











After fucking her like crazy on the bench I said lets move to the bed, so you can be more comfortable, which we did, then I started pumping her and the bed caused a push back bounce, I could feel myself about to cum so I pulled out of her and stood next to her and shot all over her face, which she loved, and licked up my cum and said yum yum, that was nice, now when is dinner?












































                                              Morning Glory

 I woke up at 6 because I had to see to Grand Aunt's bath and dressing, so I went into her room and woke her. She woke up and said oh good morning Harris, who are you ? I explained who I was and why I was there and she said oh so you want to help me with my routines? this morning? Yes Gran I said, she said well I usually have some morning glory before my bath.

Marge started on me while I lay on the be and relaxed and let her do her stuff, she said I love to watch men's cocks grow and I like to watch them cum, that is why I often blow them. I was afraid she just might do that, so I turned the tables on her and started fucking her.

As was the case yesterday, Marge took back control and rode me like a cow girl, I responde by pulling out just before I was about to cum and I stood up to her face and let her have it, then she collapsed onto the bed and I left her there to catch her breath while I ran the bath.

I got dressed and whent and saw Gran, ho said your Mum is in the Gym and I wan't you to punish her for me I have to do some house work and deal with the maid, your Mum needs some attitude correction on who's the boss here, she has been getting a bit upedy lately.

After tieing Mum face down on the bench press I gave her a Skull fucking and thrust into so hard I could hear my balls making a slapping sound like when they hit her ass . I gave her Grans instructions on who's who here then I Held the back of her head while I finished pumping my cum down her throat, then I put her on the machine for a while and left her there and saw to Cindy.

I found Cindy in her bedroom working herself with a jewl studded vibrater , I told her she should not do that when there is perfectly good cock available, and I took her to my room and let her work on my cock, which she did and I finishd her off with a good fucking followed by a huge facial.

It was 4pm and Granny Marge was due to be picked up to go home again, so I went into her room to collect her cases and found that she had dressed herself and was standing in the kitchenette and I asked are you all ready? I said well you got dressed ok yourself then, she said yes I said are you sure I slid my hand under her dress, and sure enough , no panties, I said you have forgotten your pantie, you know what that means, I will have to get a fresh pair out of your case, you can't go out without clean panties on. I went and got a white pair and returned to find Marge standing there waiting for me to put them on her, just before I did I said to her do you also know what happens when I look at you pussy? She said no what? I said I cant pass a pussy by, so I turned her around and fucked her hard and fast and blew into her the got a cloth and wiped her up then put her panties on just before the door bell rand and it was her taxi to take her home.

I went in to the lounge and say Gran who was sitting in a chair and was reading., I sat for a while and did watched television. After about half an hour Gran said how was your day? I said fairly busy, as you know , she said yes and how was Marge? I said you know she was here two days , Grand said I know I ,meant how was Marge? Oh I said, excellent and amazingly flexible for a woman of her age. Gran said yes she is, I thought you might like her visit. I hope she did not drain you too much? I said no. Gran said come over here and let me see everything is OK. 

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Gran said it looks ok, but I will have to test for volume output. She proceeded to head job me and pulled her head off long enough to say , when you are going to cum , grab the back of my head with both hands and fire, I can usually measure the volume as I can feel a good load on my tonsils, then she gave a chuckle and continued. I did as I was asked and she reported everything was OK and smiled as she swallowed the last of my cum and just dabbed any cum off her lips. Gran said after you have dinner could you please service Ghina, she has gone without for several days,  I went to Ghina's room and she was asleep, so I just carefully pulled the sheets off her and pulled her panties down and Started fucking her while she slept and watched her surprised look on her face, when she awoke and I was already pumping the daylights out of her.  She said Harris sir, I want to see the cum shooting over my face, please cum on my face. I left her covered and smiling like a Cheshire cat.


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