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This page is dedicated to providing the Sovereign people of Australia with Evidence of our Servants behavior Good or Bad. Sadly though there are many more reports of bad behavior then Good behavior. This may explain why the majority of Australia's People slave and free people alike, are coming to the realization that those charged with the responsibility of SERVING AND PROTECTING are now out of control, resulting in an ever increasing amount of Disgust and disrespect for our Servants in general. By people who have no Criminal history and in some cases not even traffic history. The majority of Australians are now wondering if those behind bars are not as bad as first thought, compared to how we are being treated the so called servants, especially as it is evident that those charged with the duties of investigating crimes committed by our Servants are actively white washing their crimes and in some cases actively obstructing justice in order to protect these criminals with crowns. We ask the listeners to watch the evidence below and decide for themselves how accurate this introduction is? And of Corse feel free to submit your own evidence Good or Bad.

Sadly our Police are so out of control that they are blatently policing Corporation Ploicy, including commiting Purgery as normal day to day practise.

Above a Cop who just does not give a damn.   Above a member of Parliament who sets 

                                                                               the example of not Giving a damn.

Listeners send in photos of Under Cover Victoria Police Sales Rep Vehicles. Make on ask the question. If these people are performing a Lawful Task, why sneak arround?

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