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In Celibration of 40 years of Decimel currency this proof set was released in 2006. Asking $140.00

This very beautiful hall marked silver star has unknown history. It is over 3 inches square and has a bar on the back like a belt buckle bar but it is not a belt buckle. $110.00

This Watch is a beautiful example of an Omega Seamaster. It also has significance for Holden Collectors because it is a G.M.H 25 years service presentation watch . The body of the watch, it's frame and it's  back is made of solid 9ct Gold It comes with it's original paperwork and box and has only been wound Three times in it's life. Asking $2500.00

This is an RACV Life membership badge, whichwas issued to members who have had steady membership for over 50 years  $77.00

On offer here are the registration JUE-180 which matches the plates you see on this famous Bathurst GT Falcon. The reissued plates (Originals destroyed long ago) come with the rights of ownership transfer. $750.00

Rolling Stones in red vinyl A rare item $25.00

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