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The top 100 of the oldest and the best.

The four best of the oldest and the best, looking how I often left her looking

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                          Finding Grandma

I'I was in high school and often came home from school via a vist to grandmas cottage at the back of our house. Nobody was home after school until mum came home from work at 6:30pm , dad worked shift work and did not come home until 1am. One day I stopped off as usual and grandma, who was 75 at this stage,














my mum had me when she was 40, Grandma made afternoon tea for us both as usual, and we sat down to have it and talk as we usually do. On this occasion, gran started to asak me how I was going at school and the conversation turned to how well I was growing, and she asked me questions on how I was going with the girls. I said not that well, most of them were not interested in me or had a boy friend already.
Gran then started to tell me she thought I was very handsome and thought that the girls were crazy not to be showing interest in me, she said she thought I was a strapping young lad. I said do you think so? Gran said I have been watching you grow and I have thought what a nice and sexy young man you have become. I said gran, I am your grandson, you should not be telling me those sorts of things, she laughed,
Gran said its ok we can tell each other everything we are family, beside I won't tell a soul, anything said here or happens here stays here, right? I said yes gran.
Gran said, you can trust gran can't you? I said yes of course. Well then. What sort of girls do you like? I said oh fairly tall with blond hair and slim, she said what about their body? I said slim, she said come on Harris, you know what I meant, what part of their body do you like most, their face, legs or breast size? I said GRAN? She said I told you, anything said seen or done here stays here. I said well ok I like their breasts, big breasts, gran said, like my size? I looked at them and said nervously yes gran. Gran said its ok, don't be nervous,  I understand you might have looked at my breasts before and admired them, have you? I said ah well yes. Gran went on to say that's OK this is our little secret. Gran said how long have you admired my breasts? I said since I was about 12, gran said wow, that far back? I said yes.
Gran stepped up the questions and asked me what I did when I had had a good admiration of her breasts, when I was alone with those thoughts, did I get a horn? Oh gran, I have never thought you would be having this sort of conversation, gran said well we are and what is your answer? Do you get hard? I said yes I do, grand said well what do you do about it? Do you masturbate? I said yes I do gran, she said Harris I had no idea, well Harris would you like to see my breasts, for real and not just the shape of them under my blouse. I said yes, that would be wonderful
Gran proceeded to unbutton her blouse,to reveal her bra, and asked if I liked what I saw so far? 














I said yes gran. She then said are you getting hard? I said yes gran, she giggled and said well boy, show gran your manhood, so I unzipped my school slacks and let them drop to the floor, she then said oh Harris what a nice bulge you have. Let me show you my breasts properly, .she took them out of her bra, which was black satin and laced border, and revealed her naked breasts, which were big and firm, but she held them up and pushed them together, she then said OK Harris it is your turn, lets have a look and your old feller? I dropped my jocks, to reveal a very hard cock about 7 inches long. Well now Harris, I will not touch you there after all It would be inappropriate, and you must not touch me either, but we can look, and you can do what you would do when thinking about grans breasts, I said Ok, gran. I proceeded to jerk my hard and now throbbing cock, gran said oh Harris, you look so sexy and she started massaging her breasts and twisting her now erect nipples and she started to say, you want theses, don't you Harris, you really want these, don't you. Gran said now Harris, you can't touch me in any way, but I will let you stand next to me and jerk off.
I proceed to do exactly that, I stood as close to her heaving breasts and by now I was stroking my cock furiously, grand said when you feel it build up and you are about to cum, I will give you a treat for being so good and obeying gran, and you can shoot your load all over my breasts, but remember, you must not touch them.
I continued to jerk furiously and aim my cock at her breasts, while she furiously massaged her big breasts and tweaked her nipples, and she was moaning with excitement and watching me and she was saying YES Harris, that's it, let me see your true love come out, Spray it Harris, spray it all over them, I can't wait much longer, I am about to cum myself, With that statement, I squealed with sheer delight as I let loose, the biggest load of cum  I had ever seen before, and I moved my cock in different directions as it was coming out, like a fireman quelling a fire, I hit both her breasts and her hands and nipples I over shot and hit her neck and some even got her bra straps. Gran said

                                           Oh Harris you wonderful boy, you had a nice big load, waiting to cover gran, what a great job                                              you did. Let gran clean up and we will have a coffee. Remember Harris we will never talk                                                      l of what just happened Gran came after that and she kept saying, that was fantastic Harris,                                              just what gran imagined and has needed for a long time, Harris this is our big secret, hey                                                      honey? Still getting over the last of the waves of orgasm, I said yes gran it will be. This                                                            was the first time I had been intimate with a woman, but it was not the last.

The Next Visit.

I called in the next day after school, G

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